Innsbruck Hosting – School Partnership 

From the host school/district position responsibilities
– Find suitable host families within your district who would be interested in hosting one, two or even three of the Austrian students who are on the trip.
– Identify three to five potential day trips that the Austrians could take part in during their stay. These would simply be the “must see/do”s of the general region.

The Austrian students will shadow their host brother or sister at school during the school week. The time of the visit is a total of 10 days. In the event that their host family does not currently have a child at the HS, they would be assigned to shadow a student from your school. The trip is based around the idea of getting a taste of American life, and certainly a High School is a great place for that.

A brief word on the responsibilities for the host families.
-They may choose to do as much or as little with their Austrian guests as they wish.
-They are not expected to make huge trips and turn their schedules on end to “entertain.”
– They would need to ensure transport from their homes to the HS during the school week. Riding the school bus is perfectly fine in the event their son or daughter gets to school this way.

The school in Austria would provide biographies for each student to aid in the process of finding good matches to the potential host families.

Here is a link to theschool’s homepage for more info.

If interested, please contact Rush Bowers at

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