MIWLA Conference Grant

Each year at the MIWLA Conference in the fall, a MIWLA Conference Attendance Grant will be awarded during the AATG-MI Business Meeting to an active AATG-MI member. This grant will cover the cost of the following year’s conference. The winner will be selected among those present. The winner will be asked to also submit a conference presentation for the conference.

Charles H. Ahnert Instructional Grant

MIWLA members* can apply for a Charles H. Ahnert Instructional Grant to support innovative teaching and learning in the classroom.

Charles H. Ahnert Instructional Grant  Applications due September 10

Conference Attendance Grants

MIWLA offers conference attendance grants for pre-service and student teachers, new teachers, and experienced teachers with 5 years’ experience or more. These grants support and introduce aspiring and experienced world language teachers to the professional development opportunities and services offered at the annual MIWLA conference.

Conference Attendance Grants  Applications due September 10

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